Framtiden för workflow foundation

Jag skrev tidigare om möjligheten att påverka framtiden för workflow foundation där jag länkade till en undersökning som gjordes av teamet bakom produkten.

Igår fick jag en uppföljning på denna

Last Fall, you filled out the Windows Workflow Activities survey.  On behalf of the Connected Systems Division, we would like to thank you for your time and valuable feedback. The data you provided was invaluable to the product team, and has directly impacted many feature decisions.

Here is an opportunity to influence another facet of the product. This survey is related to designer rehosting. Designer rehosting  is the ability to take the workflow design surface and use it within applications other than Visual Studio.  Frequently, this will be used to provide workflow editing capabilities in environments that are more “friendly” to non-developers, or display monitoring information about running workflows.  Another important re-hosting feature is the re-hosting of the rules designers.

This survey will help us understand how developers use the designer rehosting capability in v1, or (perhaps more importantly) why they have decided to not rehost the designer.  This feedback will directly impact how we look at designer re-hosting capabilities in future products.

Spännande =)