WSS / MOSS SDK uppdatering

Nu har det äntligen kommit en uppdatering av dessa SDKer, enligt releasenotes skall det vara fokus på mer dokumentation (inte en dag för tidigt)

"We now have close to 90% completion of all Type descriptions in the SDK Class Library Reference. Nearly all of the remaining blanks in the API reference are either Internal Namespaces and Classes or low priority APIs, and we are working to get those tagged appropriately for a future release."

Det finns ett antal exempel för workflow foundation som kan vara intressanta:

  • Custom Workflow Report Query Generator
  • Custom Workflow Report XLSX Injector
  • Visual Studio Workflow Templates
  • Enterprise Content Management Workflow Activities
  • List Item Activities
  • Hello World Sequential Workflow
  • State Based Approval Workflow
  • Modification Workflow
  • Replication and Contact Selector Workflow
  • Intersystem Purchase Order
  • Confidential Approval Workflow
  • Group Approval Workflow
  • Approval Workflow Sample
  • Multi-Stage Workflow
  • Server-side Collect Signatures Workflow

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MOSS 2007 SDK 1.2

WSS 3.0 SDK 1.2

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Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK

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