WSS 3.0 Online SDK uppdaterad

Nu finns en uppdaterad SDK för sharepoint/MOSS online, detta innebär bla mer information kring workflows.

Hela härligheten finns här

What’s new in the April update of the WSS 3.0 Online SDK:

New conceptual sections:
· Content Migration
· Change Log and Synchronizing Applications
· Creating Declarative, No-Code Workflow Editors

Procedural topics:
· How to: Create a Custom Field Type and Field Control
· How To: Extend the STSADM Utility

Schema reference topics for the following schemas:
· Content Migration XML Schema Reference: Contains over 180 element topics that detail the eight migration schemas
· Workflow Configuration Schema

Greatly expanded reference material for over 300 types in the following namespaces:
· Microsoft.SharePoint
· Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration
· Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment
· Microsoft.SharePoint.EmailIntegration
· Microsoft.SharePoint.Navigation
· Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileControls
· Microsoft.SharePoint.StsAdmin
· Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages
· Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls
· Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow

As well as expanded reference material for the following Web Services:
· Authentication Web Service
· Copy Web Service

This update also includes numerous updates and revisions to existing SDK content.

Note: The WSS 3.0 SDK download will be updated with the next online update, currently scheduled for the end of June.

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