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Från Matt W's blogg "My team is looking for people interested in building the next generation of the WF designer"

Låter inte det spännande?

Från annonsen

"Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is the workflow engine that powers SharePoint, Speech Server, the next major release of BizTalk, and countless customer and partner solutions as part of the .NET Framework. Our team builds the tooling that allows people to rapidly model, execute and debug the execution logic of their applications in a rich, graphical programming environment. The tools we build range from flowchart and process designers, to the visualization and management of complex rule sets. If you’re passionate about enabling the rapid modeling of process, or creating a great user experience building on the power of WPF, check us out. The tools we build will ship inside the next release of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework, and support the “Oslo” effort currently ongoing in Microsoft’s Connected Systems Division."

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